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This applies only to the paper-based experience reporting system. These are samples of actual progress reports: Where interns and supervisors have given their permission, we have left the names of both on the report. How much information am I required to submit as part of my submission? If you applied on or after April 1, 2015 you must have a credential assessment by World Education Services (WES). Refer to Experience Guideline 1 for further information on multiple supervisors for the reporting period or click here. Under the CBA system, it is possible to have experience assessed that is not supervised by a professional engineer or professional geoscientist. Canadian Graduates applying for geoscientist-in-training (including inter-Association mobility for geoscientist-in-training, Canadian graduates) should contact Questions-AcademicReview@apegs.ca, Members-in-training (with APEGS) applying as professional member should contact Alex alexc@apegs.ca. Please ensure that the domain name “apegs.ca” is not blocked. There are a number of ways these can be published: For professional member applications, you must provide the names of the three people registered as either a professional engineer or professional geoscientist in Canada or the USA. They were also asked to indicate from the list of 15 work performance areas *exception – academic review cases only require two Validators and they do not need to be professional engineers or equivalent (but if you have more than two Validators including any professional engineers or equivalent, that is fine).Do I need to be supervised by a professional engineer/geoscientist?Not necessarily. In general, the longer the reporting period, the more detail we require, What are the academic requirements for a Licensee? We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Even if you are behind in experience reporting, you still must submit reports that are of the duration outlined in Experience Guideline 1. It must be clear to the public that you are not a professional engineer or professional geoscientist. There are character limits for each example, with 300 characters permitted for the "Situation" and "Outcome" sections and 1200 characters permitted for the "Action" section.How many hours will it take to put together my submission?This will vary, but you can make it easier for yourself by maintaining records of your work history, the projects that you were involved in and your CPD records. Due to COVID-19, the APEGS office is closed and staff is working remotely until further notice. Do I need to spread out my examples from all four years of my work experience, or can I focus on the most recent and highest level experience? Note that your APEGS Central account is not created until you sign up. ... please identify which supervisor each example pertains to. International Graduates applying for member-in-training (including inter-Association mobility for member-in-training, international graduates) should contact Questions-AcademicReview@apegs.ca. How many years of experience do I need to be able to apply as a Licensee? They are located here, under Apply, Work Experience Reporting. Provide as much detail as you are permitted with the goal to provide sufficient evidence that you are able to practice competently as a professional engineer. For Certificate of Authorization applications, contact Ria rclark@apegs.ca. At least three of the referees must be a Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist registered in Canada or the US, or an Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee (or equivalent) registered in Canada. APEGS annual dues contain two components: a membership fee and a licence fee. IMPORTANT: The person applying for registration is the person who must complete the on-line application. What is the difference between a Validator and a mentor? CanadaVisa is here for you. The document “Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in Canada” (or the GKE) contains the details of this standard. (this guideline is for the paper-based system). You have a bachelor level university program of study in engineering (bachelor degree or equivalent) and a PE designation in the United States. What registration category do I qualify for with APEGS? APEGS does not waive membership fees. APEGS will contact you if this applies to you. It is best to pay on-line in APEGS Central by selecting "Invoices". What if I had more than one supervisor during a certain period of time? Click here to view the APEGS Privacy Policy. Ensure that you have read thoroughly and understand all experience reporting guidelines and the experience reporting form before attempting to write experience reports. Do I need to be supervised by a professional engineer/geoscientist? Depending on the outcome of the assessment, to fully meet the academic requirement may take considerably longer. For special circumstances, contact Shawna Argue, Director of Registration. When is an academic assessment not required? If you are not practicing for a certain period of time, you can have your license fee waived in certain situations, but maintain your membership in APEGS. Once you have become registered as a member-in-training with APEGS, you have the right to use the title "Engineer-in-Training" or “Geoscientist-in-Training” for engineering or geoscience work (as applicable) pertaining to projects or properties located in Saskatchewan*. This could be demonstrated by documentation that describes the nature of your work and its complexities without disclosing confidential details about solutions, business processes, client names or locations. If you applied prior to April 1, 2015 then APEGS cannot approve you application as a member-in-training unless your university has confirmed directly with APEGS that you obtained the degree you claim, and when you obtained it. This answer pertains to the paper-based experience reporting system:No, you cannot submit all four years of experience in one report. You must apply on-line unless a company is paying your application fee by cheque or the company who is paying the application fee does not pay GST (such as Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority). Direct confirmation from the university provides us with confidence that an applicant’s documents are authentic. You must log in or register to reply here. However there are a number of factors and requirements to consider when selecting Validators. If you applied on or after April 1, 2015 then you must provide APEGS with a credential assessment by World Education Services (WES). It can also be said that these are CDR orders that are generally assessed by the engineers of Australia. What does “official” program syllabus mean? If you do not have a CEAB-accredited engineering degree then we require an APEGS academic assessment to determine if your education has sufficient breadth and depth, as set out in the Canadian Engineering Qualification Board (CEQB) syllabi. Our response time may be longer than usual. For those people who do not need a WES assessment completed, if you are sending notarized or certified copies of your academic documents then use regular mail. See Section 4 of Experience Guideline 1 explains what you need to do. and the closer you are to registration, the more substantive the experience should be. This will greatly increase the chance of success and reduce the risk of being required to re-submit. Click here for a EIT flowchart which provides an overview of the application process. These exams are comprised of two compulsory subjects and one elective from the appropriate discipline specific syllabus (syllabus descriptions). The CEQB Syllabi page contains links to all the syllabi. a company is paying your application fee by cheque or the company who is paying the application fee does not pay GST (such as Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority). Alternatively, if you bring originals to the APEGS office during regular business hours, you may leave them with us and we will contact you when you can pick them up. For the paper-based system, click here and scroll down to "How do I submit completed experience reports to APEGS?" What are the requirements for references on the professional member application? For engineers-in-training, you can find Experience Guideline 1 here. All applicants who applied on or after April 1, 2015 are required to have an assessment done by WES (World Education Services) with some exceptions as listed on the International Engineering Graduates page. We have previously assessed an applicant who completed the same bachelor program as you have and they have successfully passed confirmatory exams. Hello friends , I have applied to APEGS_ EIT , Please can any one of you share with me the work experience report you have made . For all other inquiries, contact apegs@apegs.ca. FAQs pertaining to work experience reporting (for members-in-training): Ensure that you have read thoroughly and understand all experience reporting guidelines and the experience reporting form before attempting to write experience reports. See section 3.5.1 – Selecting Validators.What is the difference between getting competencies validated vs. getting a reference?There may be some Validators who are not given specific competency examples to validate but provide input in the overall feedback section only. For an engineer-in-training, a bachelor level university program of study in engineering that is recognized by Council is required. Point form is optional in all three sections and is recommended for the "Action" section. If you are paying with cash or debit you must visit the APEGS office in person. These terms have the same meaning and are used interchangeably in engineering and geoscience licensee registration. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque, money order, debit or cash (debit or cash in person at the office). You must use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX) to apply online. Respondents were asked to indicate whether stress increased, decreased, or had not changed their work performance in each area. Academic documents are provided directly to APEGS from WES as part of their services.

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