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We thank you for your continued support and we can't wait for you to drive the roads of Colorado for yourself. SCS Software retains the right to modify game content at its discretion. New Mexico - 9th November 2017. Fix roads & prefabs errors Fix floating fences & houses on the US-50 Fix some flying hills Fix some terrain gaps Add city of Forks (WA). ATS buy for PC AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR MODS ATS Trucks ATS Trailers ATS Sounds ATS Skins ATS Parts/tuning ATS Others ATS Maps ATS Interiors ATS Cars ATS Bus Game Versions 1.35.x 1.36.x 1.37.x 1.38.x 1.39.x American Truck Simulator - Idaho — Is it worth it? Explore the new areas with ats maps mods for your american truck simulator 2015 game. Driving a virtual truck is a serious job, no doubt, but I make time to appreciate the view in American Truck Simulator.The haul ’em up tentatively introduced sightseeing spots with its Idaho expansion, a few spots where we can roll up to enjoy cinematic views of landmarks and landscapes, and now it’s added more. Despite these hurdles, SCS Software manages to offer some serious levels of craftsmanship with each new expansion. It has been out since 2016 and it’s still receiving updates at just the right times. The Rocky Mountain National Park was just my first taste of this accomplishment from the team. I figured I would keep getting charged if I pressed on, so I shamefully turned around and headed south towards the outskirts of Denver to get to Sterling using Interstate 70 instead. It didn’t take the community very long to figure out that this hints towards an expansion into Utah, the Beehive State. And if that announcement date hasn't got you excited enough, then we are sure that this video trailer showcasing Colorado will! Though relatively close to the drier Pueblo here in ATS, I found Colorado Springs to be far greener and thus a tad prettier. Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Star Kings — Is the Oathbound faction worth it? V2.6.2: Made the US Expansion compatible with the 1.36 update Fix the city of Wells so it is now I was allowed to enter the park scott-free, and so I thought: “Guess the warnings were for show.” But, no less than 60 seconds later, I was slammed with a $1,400 fee for “illegal trailer usage”. Requirements:- ATS: v1.37.x- DLC: NM, OR, WA- Mod: Coast to Coast v2.11.1. Journey to Europa and uncover what lies in the darkness in the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion. It’s mind-boggling to see a plane large enough to fit an entire semi-truck inside. Merely titled “Creating some buzz,” the video shows a closeup of a bee on a lilac flower. Privacy Policy.✅ Got it! He's grown to become rather cranky, however, and tends to point out the things that annoy him in games more than the things he loves. Still, the urban sprawl here stands out compared to the smaller cities and towns which seem to be totally swallowed by the natural features around them. Along the route to the town, I finally caught a glimpse of some of Colorado’s beautiful farmlands. This morning, SCS Software, the developer of American Truck Simulator, has posted a short video clip on YouTube to tease an upcoming map expansion. This took me on a fairly lengthy convoy east to Grand Junction. ATS - Montana Expansion Map V0.1.0.9 (1.35.X), ATS - Montana Expansion V0.1.0.8 (1.35.X), ATS - Coast to Coast Map - Not Wa Dlc V2.8.1 (1.35.X), FS19 - Alpine Farming DLC (Download Only) V1.0, ETS2 - Scania S Custom Dashboard Computer (1.39.x), ETS2 - Mercedes Actros MP4 Reworked V2.4 (1.39.x), ETS2 - Man Tgx 2020 Truck V11.11.20 (1.39.x), ETS2 - Scania NG S S.Verbeek (Op Windows) Interior (1.39.x). Place The US Expansion Mod Above Every Map Mod That You Have! LOAD ORDER(ONLY GREAT AMERICA): All of your mods Great america v1.6(bottom of mod manager) COMBO LOAD ORDER(With Other Compatible Maps): MAP BACKGROUND OR ZOOM MODS(LANDSAT) montana_GA_road_connection GREAT AMERICA V1.6 MEGA RESOURCES GREAT AMERİCA PATCH_V2 MEGA RESOURCES 2.1.13 (latest version) REFORMA SİERRA NEVADA (latest version) PAZZ… Colorado, a western U.S. state, has a diverse landscape of arid desert, river canyons and snow-covered Rocky Mountains, which are partly protected by Rocky Mountain National Park. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. ATS buy for PC AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR MODS ATS Trucks ATS Trailers ATS Sounds ATS Skins ATS Parts/tuning ATS Others ATS Maps ATS Interiors ATS Cars ATS Bus Game Versions 1.35.x 1.36.x 1.37.x 1.38.x 1.39.x Washington - 11th June 2019. Nonetheless, it sure does make for some gorgeous views.

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