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2) It forces you to grow: When you have no friends, you can find your life sitting at a standstill, with nothing new coming your way. Why? You’ll find those friends there, waiting for you without realizing it. Why do they stay in so much? It’s one that demands brutal honesty from an individual, involving the evaluation of a life they might not want to truly see. You have too many walls built up to protect yourself. You may act more confident around potential new friends. It is a kind of freedom that some people learn to embrace, and in many ways, it can be liberating. When they meet someone new they focus on the person and what they think of them, not what hypothetical connections they could make. Others prefer spending time with their friends one at a time. Most of the people are judgemental and assume things without experience and give a strong negative vibe to others, that negative sensation makes others feel like that you are not easy going and discourage them to mingle with you. I'm trained as a counselor. Some might, but others won't care. It doesn’t matter how strong-willed you might be, we all desire that form of social connection known as friendship and belonging. In this section, we are sharing five amazing and effective tips on how to make friends quickly and remove the thought of ‘why I have no friends’ altogether from your life. As we said above, the social skills needed to make friends isn’t something that we are ever really taught. What Is Wrong With Me? The main reason for this is the lack of a supportive friend-making environment once you leave the world of classrooms and teachers. Relationships are a part of life, and add value to your overall life experience. Makings friends starts with saying yes—to hanging out, to staying in, or even just to picking up that phone call! While this can be an easy opportunity to fold over and feel sorry for yourself, it is important that you take a deep breath and realize: this is something that will ultimately help me grow as a person. Adulthood won’t present you with the same natural opportunities to create bonds with your peers. Including improving your personal relationships with others. Your email address will not be published. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { There are many normal and reasonable reasons why you might not have friends. Or let down by pulling their legs? . It varies from person to person, but I find people don't ask each other about their social lives that often. Just because a person is new in your life doesn’t mean you have to be formal and tight. While some people never had friendships to begin with, there are those of us who have had plenty of friends in the past. Want to learn how to make a man fall in love with you and commit over the long-haul? "Having no friends must mean I'm totally defective" Perhaps you enjoy being alone, or you enjoy being around others. You're more likely to get a petty, immature response in high school. Where have all the good people gone? One thing that people don’t really tell you when you’re still in school is that you should be trying to make friends as much as possible, because it only gets more difficult as you grow older and leave school. If they do reject you, odds are they'll quietly withdraw contact, not laugh in your face. It leaves you unencumbered. I love writing practical articles that help others live a mindful and better life. I know you have a paper that needs to be done by this weekend. You prefer to only have a handful of friends, and sometimes that slips into having none at all - Some people know that being less social is an. If not, why are they in your circle? You come across slightly better because you've got a stamp of approval from some people. They are under-confident and thus never make friends with the people. Yes, at times people are judged negatively for being friendless, but you can't let the possibility of that paralyze you. Lachlan Brown Hack Spirit has over 30,000 subscribers receiving Lachlan’s daily emails. Sometimes mountains are better friends than people, tbh. This belief is also made up of several assumptions that don't hold up to closer scrutiny: Some people really value possible new social contacts, but many don't. 3) It creates courage: You learn to live alone when you have no friends, and this can be a scary thing. Oftentimes, people pull friends from their work or school circle. Paste Image Url . 5) It makes you the perfect friend: You don’t know how much you love something until you no longer have it. It'd be nice to have more mates, but you don't need them. You might even need to expand your circles. If you’ve just met a person, you decide where to go from there. You might have many more friends than you actually think. If you are one of these people, then your major problem might be acceptance. reassure our loved ones that we still love them, 6 Practical guides on how to improve your life, The best tips for having a successful open relationship, how to get a girl to like you Even if She Doesn’t, 10 Ways to impress a guy you are meeting for the first time, I love you because you deserve to be loved, You understand my feelings more than anyone else, I love you because you have a good background, I love you because am always comfortable with you, Because you never allow me to walk away with tears, I love you because you give me your attention, Because you’re like a brother and a sister to me, I love you because I can’t live without you, You never take any action without consulting me, You always check on me to know how am doing, You’re good at having a great conversation, You apologize anytime you realize your mistakes, You overlook my flaws and still check up on me always, You’re the only one that knows when am angry or sad, Because you always help me to rise when I have fallen, I love you not because you’re perfect but because you are unique, You think of others first before yourself, You make me think positively when am stranded, You can go to bed on an empty stomach just to make sure I eat, Because I can’t stay for a whole day without thinking about you, You’ve made me believe that true love still exists, You’re my husband or wife ( for married people), I love you because you accepted me into your life, You make me feel like am the only person on this planet.

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