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1- Cover 2- Problem 3- Solution 4- Market Validation 5- Market Size 6- Product 7- Business Model 8- Market Adoption 9- Competition 10- Competitive Advantages 11- Team 12- Press 13- User Testimonials 14- Financial Problem Slide. Feel free to remove anything you might feel doesn’t apply to your startup and to use it as starting point for your own deck. This presentation slideshow has slides that build upon each other to create your overall pitch. Besides the pitch deck examples we shared here, we have created, curated and redesigned several pitch deck and set them as templates on our platform. Favorite takeaway: The biggest takeaway from Airbnb is the intro. The Airbnb pitch deck has become a favorite reference for entrepreneurs around the world. Recommended pitch decks. If you have any thoughts on font that you’d like to share we would love to hear about it in the comments below. You’re either going to be sending it as a send ahead visual and written document. Investors want your company to succeed and make money because that means their investment is going to pay them back. And they may or may not choose new fonts for you that better fit your brand or the material being developed. Sans serif means it doesn’t have that additional styling and the font is closer to the actual structure of the basic letter or number. But back in 2004, 21 year old Eduardo Saverin was just another entrepreneur trying to convince people to put money into a growing company called, co-founded by him and his friend Mark Zuckerberg. For this format, sans serif is the way to go. The Airbnb Pitch Deck Template has been following structure: Problem. Feel free to remove anything you might feel doesn’t apply to your startup and to use it as starting point for your own deck. We invite you to further educate our readers on how fonts can help make a great pitch and marketing material even better. In our case, it was key to raising our most recent round of funding. The Best Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups (Airbnb, Uber, Facebook), Slidebean Inc, 25 Broadway, New York, NY, 10004, United States, Pitch Deck: Complete Guide to a Pitch Presentation, The competition slide is where you can show your market research skills by showing what competitors currently exist in your market, and how your solution is a better fit for consumers. The killer slide in this presentation is their business model slide because it lays out their revenue model in the simplest possible way. Words will fall off lines, hit the edges of the page, and otherwise become unreadable or un-aesthetically pleasing. Most sessions are explained very objectively and it’s easy for investors to go through the whole thing in minutes and gather all the information they need. Sign up today to customize this template and create your own pitch deck. Highlight what each of these team members brings to the project and why they are right for the future of the company. This slide is your chance to let investors know about the scalability of this opportunity. The Airbnb pitch deck is also one of the most searched for. They make a 10% commission on each transaction, period. Not having the font on your computer will NOT affect PDF’s or documents that are saved in a PDF format. Founders see themselves often checking that a tool is indeed being used by all the seats they are paying for. To keep this from happening make sure you have your font files in hand. Your final slide is almost like your call to action. This slide is helping to get the investor to see your current success before moving on to the final slide, fundraising where you’re giving the investor the ask of your pitch. Those differences are going to make things get all wonky and messed up on your PowerPoint presentation. Remember this is a demo day pitch deck, so it is expected that somebody will be standing in front of the presentation. Your financial slide can be the basics about your company’s current financials that help to explain why you’ll need the investor’s help and why you believe that the company’s future depends on that investment to move forward to the next stage. This is our adaptation of a pitch deck Airbnb used to raise one of their first rounds. view all pitch deck templates If you made it here, you are probably looking for inspiration to create a pitch deck for your own startup. Give your potential investors a chance to see what your share of the market can be once funded. In short, things will get very messed up and the presentation could look very bad and un-presentable. For the ninth anniversary of the founding of Uber, it's co-founder Garret Camp shared the first pitch deck they created in late 2008. But he also acknowledges that the movie gets a lot of details right. Related read: Pitch Deck: Complete Guide to a Pitch Presentation. You don’t want serifs on that because the font will be very big and serifs can be distracting in a large format. Their mission: "Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime". The slides included in the Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template each have a specific purpose that leads them down the path of discovery into your pitch. Competitive Advantages. You might also be hosting it on a site where the document will be accessed, you guessed it.. online on with a computer. Not only does this show Airbnb knew what they were doing, it shows they deeply understood their business and the opportunity it represented for themselves and investors. A demo day presentation, for example, should be very visual and contain very little text. 1% of our subscription revenue goes to CONTRAST: Meaningful Design. In your branding, you might have the need for specialty fonts. The Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck can be changed to fit your particular needs, such as removing slides or revising the order of slides presented. Roboto is also a good one. Airbnb’s pitch deck has become a favorite reference for entrepreneurs around the world. At Pitch Deck Fire, we’re big fans of some very basic sans serif fonts when building our pitch decks. Let me start by saying that this might not be the best approach to take when pitching investors: A pitch deck is usually a 10-20 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision. You can always add to your available fonts as needed. One of the things Airbnb did very well with this deck it to keep things simple. Pitch decks also serve very different purposes, from trying to get a meeting with a new investor, to presenting in front of a stage, and each one of them should follow a different structure. This deck managed to get a message across, despite being really short. In 2012, fresh out of Y Combinator, Airbnb – which wasn’t yet called Airbnb – wrote a legendary deck to pitch one of their earlier rounds to Sequoia Capital. This slide is your opener. Download them into your computer in order to see, edit, and use those fonts in your PowerPoint presentation, keynote, or word document. Here they simply show some screenshots from their platform and you can easily make this more dynamic by adding videos and links from your own product. Sans Serif it’s traditionally used on the web. All our pitch deck templates are fully customizable. In this session they briefly touched on the problem they solve for each type of client they have. Airbnb was still young and didn’t have anywhere the same relevance it does today, so to present the potential of the market they wanted to insert themselves in they used proxies – demographic and competitor data that they can use to estimate how much they could grow. The entire Airbnb Pitch Deck Template is customizable, meaning you have control over the branding, colors and the structure itself. This one is an additional slide that can be useful for discussing others that play an essential role in the company and the potential for growth. If for some reason you’re going to be printing out your pitch deck, or you plan to have large paragraphs of font on your deck that you’re sending ahead, you may consider the serif fonts. Although there are probably millions of variations of fonts, there are basically two core types of fonts: Sans Serif and Serif. Instead, they bet on solid numbers such as their user engagement, customer base and growth metrics. We’re not going to go into all the detail behind all the variations because we really don’t need to get into the nitty gritty here – we need to build a stellar pitch deck, get funding and get back to our customers, right? Market Adoption. This deck exemplifies simplicity at its finest. Peloton broke the fitness industry with their stationary bike system which connects users and trainers via the internet. AirBnB Pitch Deck from Malcolm Lewis . It’s going to be seen on a laptop monitor, so small font is not so bad. Imagine telling a 5-year-old what your business is about. This slide follows up the problem by showing your solution to the previous slide’s problem. You need to do so to ensure you are able to see, use, and edit that file as you need to. Every designer should be able to provide you the particular font files that match the font that best fits your aesthetic. Notice the BIG difference in the number of slides. Open any word editor or PowerPoint and change the font of a sentence to the very funky Comic Sans or the very standard Arial font.

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