advanced bac calculator

Just remember to enter anything you drink at the time you first start to drink it. This is legit!  PM. However, unfortunately, you can't determine your exact elimination time without individual medical tests. Concentration is more difficult, and the following effects may be noticed: talkativeness, a feeling of joy, relaxation, slight euphoria. The BAC Calculator will estimate the percentage of your blood comprised of alcohol. If you can't, you don't need to assess it, you are certainly drunk. If you consumed over 10,000 ml of one beverage, insert the remaining volume in the next field. for (var i = 2000; i <= year_now; i++) document.write(""); All above and potential vomiting, major loss of balance. I bought this app one week ago and have used it 4-5 times and it works perfect.   (mgs of alcohol per 100ml of blood), BAC:   It is good to know how exactly a certain concentration of alcohol affects your organism, especially if you're trying to estimate when it will be okay to drive again. you assume full risk of injury and death to yourself and others. I have been using it for a few weeks and tonight used it side by side with an Alcho-sensor device that was just calibrated. click on You can use the drunk calculator to appease your curiosity or to compare your result with those of your friends. It even allows for you to set a bac % alarm to let you know when you are under a set percentage. 14 This number is presented below your current blood alcohol level. Go to Other Drinks below. You can either fill it with the amount of alcohol you drank, typing it in grams, or fill in the first three blank fields and the calculator will display your raw blood alcohol content. ), Time of Drink: Severe inhibition of central nervous functions, loss of consciousness, risk of coma or even death. Beer: 12 oz @ 5% (.60 oz of alcohol per serving ) Wine: 5 oz @ 12% (.60 oz of alcohol per serving ) Widmark. In such a situation, you may want to drive home in the morning (or afternoon), but are unsure if the breathalyser test would show any alcohol content in your blood. Gary Rosen, Professor of Mathematics, University of Southern California (USC), Featured by Buzzfeed, CNN, Mandatory and many more.Stay updated and follow IntelliDrink at Twitter! As an expert in the field of BAC absorption and elimination, I am impressed by this app. I love it! Bookmark this page and share with friends: how long you should wait before driving after consuming alcohol; how much alcohol is in your blood and in the air you exhale; what consequences there may be and how to handle them; Specify your gender and age. Specify the strength and volume of drinks consumed (up to 5 beverages). BAC level Effects From Alcohol; BAC 0.00 – 0.03: At this level there is no loss of coordination, this is the legal bac for driving in most states, but the individual might feel mildly relaxed, a little lightheaded, loss of shyness and slight euphoria. The easiest way to get this number is to multiply the amount of fluid ounces by the % of alcohol it contains. Mild euphoria, talkativeness, decreased inhibitions, …  PM, Date for which you want to calculate your BAC: Your weight? Other than that, the ratios work great! Your Weight (lbs)Percentage of alcohol in beverage: 1 beer = 4-7% / Glass of wine = 11-13% / 1 shot = 40% 17 Well worth the purchase price to track yourself and friends and to help you know where you BAC might be. Recommendations: take a pain reliever and drink a lot of mineral water. As an engineer, I find this an excellent Ap with the capability to input most of the parameters needed to estimate BAC (short of using direct measurement). I have had NO PROBLEMS with the intellidrink and would give it my complete recommendation.  PM. Graphs are awesome, as well as my history of the night. The coefficients are calculated based on the research of S. Seidl (University of Vienna) and Alexander Robert W. Forrest (University of Sheffield).

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