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For instance — an 8a company that bids $100,000 is treated as $90,000 compared to its non-8a competitors. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. 918-21 The amount for continuous eligibility is increased to $750.000. These procurement’s are available to SBA 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB and VA VetBiz/CVE certified participants. Corporations: Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and All Amendments, All Cancelled and Current Stock Certificates, Stock Certificates, Stock Ledger, Meeting Minutes for the Past 3 Years. You will need to submit the following documents as part of the application process: As 8a certification consultants, we can help you create your socially disadvantaged narrative document. SCCT will prepare the company’s Electronic Application Offer using the information provided by the client. Mr. Samuel Maldonado, Principal - SAMES INC. Yusuf Ahmed, Managing Partner - Earthling Security, Staci Jones, Engagement Director - T White Parker, David Carnes, President - Turnkey Communications, Curtis Shelby, President - Shelby Communications, Janice Imosi, Business Development - BITS Technical, Mr. Frank M. Crowder Jr: President at Defense Consulting Services, LLC, Melissa Freeman, President - OS2 Healthcare Solutions, Maurice Martinez, President - Galleon Contracting, Robert Manning, President - 3IT Consulting. Ability to receive sole source awards up to $4,000,000. (AABE), 918-20 The smart 8a certification consultants are not outsiders to the SBA program. The field of competition for federal contracts is limited by SBA certification. Copies of any licenses required to do business (electrician’s license, plumber’s license, engineers license), 1 Page summary regarding the company reflecting when the company was started, the owners of the company, the company’s capabilities (products and/or services sold), and a description of the firm's customers. Often times, the SBA will request additional information or clarification regarding submitted documentation. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If the majority owner(s) own other businesses, those businesses will be deemed as "affiliated companies." Disabled Individual Business Ent. The processes for getting this schedule were completed in a very short time frame and the final product was very impressive. The 8a certification consultants are helping the clients to get on the minority program since long. Contacts for Assistance: For general questions about uploading 8(a) documents, please email: help@certify.sba.gov. SCCT will work with the client to determine if the firm qualifies for the 8(a) program. ( Log Out /  If your business is under 2 years old (as long as it generates income), you may apply for a waiver. The Minority Small Business and Capital Ownership Development Program — commonly referred to as the “8a Program” — offers training, technical assistance and procurement incentives to participating small businesses in the form of set-aside and sole-source awards to those who obtain 8a certification. Your social security number may also have mishaps. The Minority Small Business and Capital Ownership Development Program — commonly referred to as the “8a Program” — offers training, technical assistance and procurement incentives to participating small businesses in the form of set-aside and sole-source awards to those who obtain 8a certification. ): $950, 8(a) Turnkey Application Support: $6,000 ($2,000 upon execution, $2,000 upon submission, $2,000 upon award), Includes Social & Economic Disadvantage Narrative, Includes All Required 8(a) Clarification Response Letters, Includes 1010c Business Plan After Approval. This funding opportunity is intended for competent small businesses in Regions I-X that are interested in offering management and technical assistance and advice to qualifying small business issues throughout the United States. E-mail: aaron@samscct.com, Government Contracting Consulting Support, GSA Schedule Offer and Modification Consulting Support, SBA 8(a) Certification Application Consulting Support, SDVOSB Certification Through VA Vetbiz System, SBA Hubzone Certification Program Consulting – San Antonio Texas, Proposal Writing Services – San Antonio Texas, Construction Estimating – San Antonio Texas, New Business Organization Formation – LLCs & Corporations, Start a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization – San Antonio Texas, Business Plan Writing Services – San Antonio Texas, Website Development Services – San Antonio Texas, Quickbooks Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation Services, Business and Contracting Training – San Antonio Texas, SBA 8a Certification Application Preparation Consulting Support, Richard Crespin, President - Crespin Enterprises, Mr. Charles Holmes, Managing Partner: Holmes & Company, Tommy Harris, President Strata Consulting Services LLC. List of contracts for past two years consisting of contract number, customer name, contract value, NAICS Code, etc. As a matter of executive branch procedure, the merger first happened in 1967 and was granted a legal basis in 1978. For getting further information one can visit the company website https://www.ez8a.com, 8a Certification-ez8a are proficient 8a certifcation consultants and we provide professional services on 8a application, HubZone, 8a requirements, 8a program, sba 8a benefits, CCR and 8a for small business. needed. Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans are the various ethnic groups which are classified as minorities in USA. Please visit SAM.gov’s website. 8a Certification Application,8a Certification,8a certification program, 8a Certification Application,8a Certification,8a certification program,What is 8 A Certification. ( Log Out /  Must include current franchise account status certificate from Secretary of State, Home mortgage paperwork reflecting purchase price of home, monthly payment, and account number, Copy of current bank account statement showing amount in checking and savings, Copies of each credit card statement showing balance, A printout showing all non-retirement account related stocks owned and current stock balance, Statement showing outstanding accounts receivables/accounts payable, Payroll records for the current year and last year showing the amount paid to each employee, Copies of any retirement account statements showing balance, Paperwork showing the terms and conditions and plan information for retirement accounts, 3 Years of Business Tax Returns and all W2s and 1099s, 3 Years of personal Tax Returns (all owners) and all W2s and 1099s, 3 Years of financial statements (profit and loss and balance sheets), YTD current profit and loss statement (within the past 60 days), If the owners own other companies as well, please provide the last three years of tax returns, W2s and 1099s for each, 8(a) Initial Application Development : $4,000 ($2,000 upon execution, $2,000 upon submission), Social & Economic Disadvantage Narrative (if needed): $750, 8(a) Clarification Response Letter Package As Required By The SBA: $550, 1010c Business Plan After Approval (We Do All The Writing! Change ), The SBA 8 a certification Program has been created for aiding financially hindered Small businesses in USA. Scott Armbruster: CEO at Armbruster Enterprises, Inc. Tim Porter: President & CEO at Appddiction Studio, Bill Hernandez, Director - Patriot Network, Phone: 210-788-1034 The federal government's goal is to award at least five percent of all federal contracting dollars to small disadvantaged businesses each year. |4063 East Houston St San Antonio TX 78220 | PHONE: 210-788-1034 | EMAIL: aaron@samscct.com. proof of all income for the past three years, which cannot exceed $250,000 on average, proof of assets, which cannot exceed $4 million, proof of liabilities, which will bring your adjusted net worth below $250,000. 8a certification application  states that the business  must be owned and controlled at least 51% by “socially and economically disadvantaged” citizens, can get help se A business can remain for a maximum of nine years, as long as certain criteria are met once accepted  certified entity under 8a of the Small Business Administration Program. Before you start your application, you should collect the following: Our 8a certification consultants can help you compile governing documents & business contracts and review them to ensure all paperwork is in order. Section 3 Certified (HUD) Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 8A Companies are allowed to partner with other companies in so-called Joint Venture or Mentor Protege Agreements. Moreover, depending on your physical handicap, ethnicity, ethnic origin, sex, or long-term residency in a remote location, you can also be deemed “disadvantaged.” The specifics of these conditions should be documented. Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) https://www.ez8a.com It is recommended that no more than 50% of the company's income be derived from one non-governmental customer in order to show economic independence. We provide small businesses with unparalleled expert advice, guidance, products and services on how to gain and maintain access to the billions of dollars in set-aside competitive and sole-source federal procurement’s. Representatives of some ethnic and racial groups are deemed socially disadvantaged, however, people who are not representatives of these groups may prove they are also socially disadvantaged. ( Log Out /  Failure to do so will cause your 8a application to be denied. The Mentor-Protege component of the 8(a) program affords your firm the opportunity to joint venture with a large or more established business who can serve as your mentor, which will allow you to compete for even larger and more complex solicitations where you can combine the resources, qualifications, and past performance references of both firms in the proposal in order to be more competitive. (A) Promote the development of small businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals to compete on an equal footing in the American economy; (B) Promote the sustainability of market-based issues by providing the necessary legal, financial, technological and management assistance; and. Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act authorizes agencies to award contracts for goods or services, or to perform construction work, to the SBA for subcontracting to 8(a) firms. Before you sit down to complete the 8a Business Development Program application you will need numerous documents.

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