3 idiots fart speech

By the way at the end there is a sanskrti tranlation of the chatur’s Habit of farting…….Funny thou the way he said it….. Chatur who doesnt understand hindi wants to Impress the Head of the college so he request for a speech which is full of praise for the Director of the college. Chatur Ramalingam was standing in the campus waiting for Farhan and Raju to come to see Rancho with him. Rancho told him he was trying to give a demo to Raju to enjoy engineering and not cram blindly, Chatur also claimed he just wanted to be the most successful student. Nothing wrong with it. Chatur Ramalingam was standing in the campus waiting for Farhan and Raju to come to see Rancho with him. Rancho( Amir Khan) changes the speech of Chattur so where ever it is Chamatkar ( Miracle), he changes it to Balatkar( Rape). Happiness , Pain expressed in form of word in this blog…. Rancho( Amir Khan) changes the speech of… He decided to reunite 10 years later in the same place and same date (September 5) to see who's the most successful student out of Rancho and Chatur. Later he agreed to drive both the people to Shimla, to find Rancho. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  As Dubey was about to give him the printout Rancho interrupted him and kept him away too, by pretending the director remembered him. He claimed he didn't come to college to learn. डी. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So Rancho tore up the actual speech, ad modified it replacing Chamatkar (Miracles) to Balatkar (Rape) and Dhan (Money) to Stan (Tits). Chatur was known standing in the college campus water tower 5 years later showing off his economy without Rancho around. Chatur wasn't actually any help to anyone, he was just showing off about himself. Movie: 3 Idiots Star: Omi Vaidya Tags: Poem Comedy. with long videos. Chatur had helped drive everyone around the city searching Rancho and finding names. What's the translation of Chatur (Silencer) 's speech? During results day, everyone prayed and begged for good results and Chatur was expecting to come first place. And the silent ones... are unbearable.'' 3 Idiots is a Bollywood production that flashes back and forth between present day, and the characters' time in college. Meanwhile Ra,ncho had a plan to modify Chatur's speech as a demo for his friend Raju to not have the same personality of cramming blindy. This is a clip from the movie 3 idiots where Silencer gives a speech on teachers day.\Sorry about the cutt-off, its kinda hard to be accurate with long videos. After finding out he was actually Phunsukh Wangdu (a scientist), he got the pen back, and claimed Rancho as the most successful student. well stan hmm you all by now know what is it dont you?). But I laughed a lot at speech from Mr. Silencer, where rancho replaced words Chamatkar and Dhan Here is the speech – spread it like a virus Adarniya sabhapati mahodaya… Atithi vishesh, Shikshan mantri shri R D tripati [tripathi] ji… Chatur felt that he didn't see the need to understand it, he felt confident to memorise it by heart. ... A loud fart is respectable ... a medium fart is tolerable ... a slight fart is fearful ... a silent fart is unbearable. ( Log Out /  He decided to make Chatur's speech inappropriate to prove that mindless cramming should not be done. After sometime during assembly, Farhan and Raju came down on stage and Virus made fun of them for coming consistently last in every exam causing Chatur to laugh loudly and not. Don't look at my wife, look at the bungalow behind her ... 3.5 million! 3 Idiots mixes messaging with relatability One of the biggest strengths of Aamir, Madhavan and Sharman’s film was the way in which the message was put across. Great. Chatur Speech in Hindi: 3 Idiots. Here is where Rancho screws it up for Silencer. Without understanding of Hindi, the Imperial College of Engineering Librarian wrote the speech for him, in Highbrow Hindi to impress Virus. Once the Librarian finished writing the speech for Chatur, he tried to explain it to him, but Chatur refused. Utthamum dadhdadaath paadam…Madhyam paadam thuchuk chuk …Ghanisthah thud thudi paadam…Surr surri praan gatakam.. Watch the movie 3 Idiots, Its every bit worth watching this movie.. Posted by Tiger on November 22, 2009 in Feelings in words and songs, Lyrics, Sweetu And Kiddo, Tiger Related, Tags: 3 idiots, Chatur's Speech from 3-Idiots, Ramakant Shetty, Richa at, Silencer speech, Sweetu And Kiddo, Tiger Shetty, Translation of Chatur's Speech from 3-Idiots. Chatur( Teased as Silencer for his farting habit in the college). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Here is where Rancho screws it up for Silencer. However, apart from the costumes, not much changed. When they came Rancho vanished. What's the translation of Chatur's speech from the Bollywood movie "3 Idiots"? lAs Chatur collected his printout, Farhan and Raju were requested to prank call Chatur pretending to be a policeman to keep him away. During the speech, everyone cheered and clapped and Dubey Librarian felt happy. After all these dreams about being top, he came second. plz complete this n then post it again plz!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what happens if you just by heart whatever you read and not understand what it means….. Adarniya sabhapati mahodaya …atithi vishesh shikshan mantri shri R D tripati [tripathi] ji ..maanyaniya shikshagan aur mere piyaaare [pyare] sahpatiyo [sahapathiyon], …aaj agar I.C.E aasmaan ki bulaaandiyo [bulandiyon] ko chhu raahaa [raha] hai ..to uska shreya sirrf [sirf] ekinsaan [ek insaan] ko jaataahai [jata hai] shri veerusahastra buddhe. Adarniya sabhapati mahodaya …atithi vishesh shikshan mantri shri R D tripati [, Translation of Chatur's Speech from 3-Idiots. Raju asked where Rancho was, but Chatur just decided to show off about how rich he was, which however didn't interest them. 5. 3 idiots ask people to follow their dreams. with 10 comments. I don't understand hindi and love to know the translation of the chatur's speech!! Our country is strange, pizza delivery is guaranteed within 30 minutes ... but ambulance? 3 Idiots is a movie depicting an ‘ideal’ scenario and not a real one. I will send you one liter milk everyday, Son, in a few days cottage cheese will be sold at a jewelery shop in small small pouches. Change ). During the exams, Rancho and Farhan and Raju made it late due to an emergency and finished last. —Chatur at the Teacher's Day event. It starts off with old friends, Qureshi and Raju Rastogi learning that their college pal, Rancho, had finally been found. itz incomplete………. It feels bad when a friend fails ... but it feels even worse when he comes first, Be capable my son, capable ... success will follow you no matter what, Life is a race ... if you don't run fast ... you will be like a broken egg, You Gujarati people are so cute ... but why is your food so dangerous ... dhokla, fafda, handva, thepla ... it sounds like they are missiles, A loud fart is respectable ... a medium fart is tolerable ... a slight fart is fearful ... a silent fart is unbearable, Exams are one to many, but father is mostly only one, It was a big dilemma, should be help our friend or wipe his mom's tears ... then we thought forget all man, let's concentrate on mattar paneer, In this college from the last 32 years he has continuously raped one after the other, My lord you are great ... please accept my offering, Never have been able to kiss ... because the nose comes in between, Everyone has breasts ... everyone hides it ... no one gives it.

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