Elle Magazine, History


Everything you want to know about Elle Magazine, and how it ranks today as one of the world’s most popular fashion magazines. One of the most famous women’s fashion magazines on the planet, no doubt, Elle Magazine, which was created in France in the 1940s  Elle not only focuses on women’s fashion, it also publishes articles on beauty, health and entertainment that are inspired by today’s modern women. 

Don’t Know Much About (ELLE’s)

 Elle Magazine is the largest fashion magazine in the world with thirty six issues on six continents around the world. The magazine also has branch companies such as Elle DECOR (with nineteen editions), elle girls (nine editions), Elle Cuisine (five editions), elle.com (sixteen websites) and high quality products such as books, footwear. , glasses and other related fashion accessories. The US edition alone reaches nearly five million women who find in Elle Magazine a sharp style and substance with a more independent perspective than other magazines of the genre. 

The History of Elle Magazine

 The innovators behind Elle Magazine are now located in New York where the main focus is on “fashion, beauty and style – with brains.” One of the best creations of the ELLE staff is the online version which has benefited from archival articles from the previous year along with sections on fashion (well, of course!); catwalk trends (“runways”); beauty; and style. Also included and quite popular with readers are discussion forums and the opportunity to subscribe to e-mail newsletters. This site is an excellent insider style guide with a worldview providing casual comfort and addictive high-end inspiration to boot. Not bad, huh? Elle Magazine features some of the most affordable designer clothing along with pretty informative (and actually quite interesting!) High-quality articles. There are also updated CDs, art and book reviews on every issue. Customers scream about the magazine layout and even the quality of the covers and paper stocks that are raving about on forums. Elle Magazine is amazing for providing great readership information on the latest pop culture trends both in the United States and abroad while wandering away from what is presented in our current mainstream culture.