Did you guys still act last Sunday? What is the difference?


The difference between writing for magazines and newspapers can be explained quite simply – while the latter tends to focus on the news of the day, the former are more concerned with ‘features’ and editorial content. 

Introduction to Newspapers and Magazines

 Put in a simpler context, the restrictions around newspaper journalists are much stricter than those writing for magazines. This can easily be seen by comparing the two – pick up a daily newspaper and a weekly magazine from a particular genre, and you will quickly see how the styles, subjects and content differ. Further differences apply in the deadlines required for the proposed work. A daily newspaper that will undoubtedly want jobs submitted very quickly and for the all-important print deadlines, whereas a magazine will have something that has longer deadlines for submissions. There are differences, too, in the requirements not only of journalists – ordinary journalists – but of columnists who write for publication. If you are looking for work with a local publication you might explore the possibility of writing a regular column for a newspaper or magazine. 

Careers in Science Journalism and Writing

 In local newspapers this tends to take the form of commentary or commentary on local issues, and can serve as a springboard for larger matters. Where the magazine is concerned there is less than a wide open door, for the local press tends to be directed to the weekly newspaper. However, if your specialty is in a certain area – something you are familiar with and knowledgeable about – then you may want to investigate the possibilities of becoming a columnist for magazines that publish in that area. There is an option for this Business Management Articles, but the trick is to make sure you understand the sometimes strict application and submission requirements – these can be obtained from the publication office itself. Despite the advent of the internet, the stories about the death of print are farfetched; both newspaper and magazine columnists have a long life ahead of them.